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November 11th, 2008 - Rebecca Cayman presentation to the DSBN

November 11, 2008

Ms. Kamin addressed the Board with respect to the site for the new Niagara-on-the-
Lake elementary school. Ms. Kamin expressed her belief that students have the
right to quality local public education and that locating the new elementary school on
the Niagara District Secondary School site will have a positive impact for students
and the community. Building the new elementary school on the Niagara District
Secondary School site is a responsible move that will be financially sound and will
provide a modern learning environment facility that can increase success rates,
increase curriculum and program collaboration between elementary and secondary
teachers, minimize the effect on students of transitioning to secondary school,
increase involvement of the parents from both the elementary and secondary school,
and provide an opportunity to offer a cafeteria lunch program and breakfast program
for all grades. Ms. Kamin asked the Trustees to view locating the elementary
school on the Niagara District Secondary School site as similar to relocating the
Queen Mary students to the St. Catharines Collegiate, when parents were asked to
support a visionary and sound way of sustaining public education. Ms. Kamin
concluded by saying that her support of this location is rooted in a belief it will lead to
greater efficiencies for the Board and services for our students.

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